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Words matter. And how we describe our devices and usages of them have effects on who can find them as well as who will find them applicable to themselves.

This wiki and the site is a part of the sex positive movement, we hope to share our joy and creativity around creating new and better ways of experiencing and sharing pleasure. We welcome anyone to contribute and partake in that endeavour, but we recognise that our scope will mainly be outside of language. Our community here consists of many different people with different cultural backgrounds and contexts and we hope to be inclusive of as many as possible of them: tinkerers, makers, engineers and mad scientists of any sort. As such, our word usage might not reflect the best practices of the sex positive movement, and we apologise in advance.

What we do hope to offer is a clear usage of terms, that is able to contrast between the topics we have the need to clarify to be able to develop together. As such, we are using the term "Sex machine" as an overarching label for any machine aiming to provide pleasure to one or more parties, and further on we have different types of sex machines as sub categories.

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