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Flashing trainer
Subtitle Get that body some sunlight!
Status Planning
Author Neeka/Evimogwai
Description Body worn device that senses light and administers punishment
Technologies Body worn sensor, arduino, fabric, electronics
Known for

Project description

A discipline aid to encourage commanded flashing. On signal from the Top, the device signals a countdown until punishment. Countdown can be interrupted by exposing sensor to light.

Stretch goals would be to a) Add a reward mechanism, b) add an unsupervised use mode, c) have internet/app supported command mode.

Project aims

Body worn sensor suite
Light sensor to be worn on the body
Needs to be highly positionable and stay on under clothing and normal activity - adhesive?
Stretch goals
Tamper detection?
Countdown signaler
Aural and/or haptic feedback
Settable countdown
How? Bluetooth? IR? App? Random?
Electrical? Modular?
How? Modular?
Would solve unsupervised and asynchronous use cases
Control interface
How do you initiate the countdown?
Remote control

Project roadmap

  1. Sensor/countdown/feedback
    1. Prototype sensor suite
    2. Prototype punisher/rewarder
    3. Prototype counter
    4. Connect sensor/counter/feedback
    5. Test sensor/counter/feedback
  2. Control system
    1. Prototype remote
    2. Test remote
  3. Wearability
    For sensor, counter and feedback
  4. User interface
    Controller use
    Controller settings options
  5. Asynchronous/unsupervised programs
    "Party mode" with pseudorandom prompts?
    For frequency, countdown, intervals and fuzziness
    Fuzziness - how much randomness around the interval (i.e. +/- 15 mins)

Current and next step

  • Trial photometric sensor and arduino requirements.
  • Prototype a speaker positive feedback system.
  • Research negative feedback systems.




Photocell gives PASS state when flashing criteria fullfilled.

When is a flashing a flashing?

1-5 seconds of exposure
(does it need to be variable?)
Exposure needs to be to ambient light
Exposure should be continuous
Suggested criteria
  • 1 whole second of exposure.
  • Exposure is running average of 5 measurements/second.
  • Average needs to be at least 30 lux or 5x initial light (assumed to be under clothes), whichever is lowest.
  • Photocell measurements are contingent on trigger sequence, no measurements are made when off.
  • Initial light measurement is taken before wearer is signalled.


Photocell needs to be small and durable, able to be mounted on the body, possibly with a vibrator. Photoresistor is quite small and very durable.

Alternative might be photodiode SFH2704: Similar price and form factor.

Photoresistor has variable resistance with variable incident light. Analog output has noise.

  • Do I need averaging or is a threshold enough?
  • Should said averaging be exponential (S-weighting) or linear?
  • How to calibrate analog input to Lux? Should all measurement be relative to initial state?
What are Lux?

Summary of Lux on Wikipedia

Lux is lumens/area or light flow/area.

For diffuse lighting reference values seem to be:

3 lx - civil twilight under clear sky
10 lx - unlit hallway
50 lx - family living room
100 lx - Very dark overcast day
300 lx - Office lighting
1000 lx - Overcast day
10 klx - Full daylight

Own measurements imply: 30 lx - Ambient light in living room with computer monitor. 3 lx - same room through loose stitched shirt.


  • Created the initial page and project plan --Evimogwai (talk) 10:43, 31 December 2020 (UTC)
  • Found a photoresistor to be a good candidate for photocell. --Evimogwai (talk) 21:47, 4 January 2021 (UTC)
  • Developed prototype code for input initiated flashing detector, and created a GitHub repository for the code --Evimogwai (talk) 18:38, 10 January 2021 (UTC)



GitHub repository


Reference materials