Fucking Machine Shibari Platten

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Fucking Machine Shibari Platten
Subtitle Fucking Machine Shibari Platten
Status In Progress
Author James KM

(Requested by @Space-Casey in Discord)

Description An adapter made to attach dildos to a fucking machine that otherwise need a suction cup base or don't have an option
Technologies 3D Printing, Fusion360, Shibari, Fucking Machines
Known for
Tags Discord Inspired

Project description

@Spacey-Casey was discussing options for more securely attaching Dildos to fucking machines. After some brainstorming this adapter was designed

Project aims

  • Make a usable adapter that has a more secure adapter for suction cup based toys
  • Make it widely available and easy to use

Project roadmap

  • Print the thing
  • → Test it
  • Modify as needed

Current and next step

Need to print and try, please give it a try yourself and discuss changes on discord!

First Test



Jan. 13th 2021 - First creation, still needs to be sent to a printer


Just the one platten, you'll have to add a small bit of rope to tie the dildo down.



v1 - Platten with 6mm screw pocket (pocket is 10mm diameter)

v1.b - Platten with 3/8-16 threaded hole