One bar prison

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How to create a one bar prison;

A) Make an adjustable bar

B) Add a dildo or insterable of your choice

C) Make sure it's safe

D) use


The bar becomes a prison when the prisoner can't move off of it. This means

i) The adjustable bar has to be long enough to reach far enough into the prisoner.
ii) The adjustable bar has to be kept at the right distance from the prisoner and prisoner hole.

Usually it's ii) that causes challenges.

Stationary prison

If the prisoner is to be kept in a limited space, you'll want the bar grounded to that space, and make sure the prisoner can't wiggle off it. A popular solution is to attach the bar to a wide floor plate (wide enough not to be tippable).

Mobile prison

If the prisoner is to be only slowed down or hindered from moving unassisted, the bar can be attached to the prisoner rather than a place. Commonly in these cases the bar is then attached to a spreader bar between the ankles, restricting the prisoner to an inefficient wide waddle.