Evil Simon

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Project Name
Status Archived 2018
Author James KM
Description Circuitpython evil version of simon says
Technologies Plaground Express, CircuitPython, NeoPixels
Known for
Tags Modular punishment

Project description

Styled after the electronic game of Simon Says, this version was produced for a scene that required a distraction for reward and punishment.

Project aims

This is a mostly archived project, that was never able to be used in a scene for reasons outside of the assembly. It has not been throughly tested in a scene and as such should be throughly tested before accepting its use.

Project roadmap

Project has been built, software tested, and subsequently disassembled. It can be re-assembled or modified as interest dictates.

Current and next step

Currently archived, willing to assist with any build attempts - ask for help in the discord.


This project was worked on in February of 2018 and has since been archived. It was brought up in discussion on the discord in early January 2021 so all available information was posted here.


List of Material

  • Adafruit Playground Express
  • (4) Buttons of your choice - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow are default in the code - it can be updated to suit your colours
  • Case for above
  • Punishment & Reward are outputs only, you will have to provide your own connection and scheme

The punishment output utilizes the DAC output and allows connection to an ESTIM supply that accepts audio input.

The reward output is A2, a relay/transistor/FET will need to be driven off this output to control a vibrator or other reward


CircuitPython Code

The code should reasonably run on MicroPython with substitution of some of the libraries, but this is untested by the author.